Theatre Upstairs is a boutique 44 seat theatre in the heart of Dublin City, located above Lanigan's Bar, Eden Quay. The space consists of the intimate theatre and a beautiful gallery space adjacent to the theatre with a large bay window overlooking the River Liffey where light lunch is served before 1PM performances.

The theatre is a black box space with raked seating running the length of the stage and beyond. The front of house area consists of a staffed box office as well as the gallery space which includes bar facilities for special events.

There are two bars open downstairs before and after the 7PM performances as Theatre Upstairs is located above Dublin's theatrical watering hole, Lanigan's Bar.

The Space

The theatre accommodation is as follows:

> Stage

> Dressing Room

> Control Position

> Readers Area

The theatre is located on the second floor, above Lanigan's Bar and audience can access the venue from Eden Quay, while fit up access for companies is on Custom House Harbour, which is directly behind the venue. 

The stage area is as follows: 

> 8ft (2.4384m) deep

> 16ft (4.8768m) wide

> 8ft (2.4384m) from the stage floor to the roof

Stage Left finishes in a red brick arch, which provides access to the dressing rooms and Stage Right is open plan.


The rigging and lighting positions are as follows:

> FOH bar (2.3m from stage, 2.8m H) - runs the full width of the stage, with 10 prewired channels available.

> SL bar (1.4m from SL stage, 2.5m H) - runs the full width of the theatre (4.2m), losing positions behind the arch but with the capacity to light through the arch, with 5 prewired channels available.

> SR bar (2m from SR stage, 2.7m H) - runs the full width of the theatre (4.2m), with 5 prewired channels available.

> There is a backlight position for birdies only on the upstage wall, with 5 prewired channels available to be used for backlight and any floor positions. 

For a full list of sound and lighting equipment and control, click here.

Venue Hire

Theatre Upstairs is an independent theatre which is not available for venue hire. The space operates off a profit share basis with incoming companies, ensuring the right productions make it from the page to the stage, regardless of monetary circumstances. 

Productions which are staged at Theatre Upstairs must be world premieres of new writing. 

For more about script submissions and producing at Theatre Upstairs, click here. 

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